OD expertise in open source content management technologies providing a solid environment for managing and sharing stored data. CMS allows a large number of people to contribute and share any type of content: documents, movies, text, pictures, phone numbers, scientific data, and so forth.

Throughout the life cycle of your website CMS offer many advantages:

  • CMS provide a graphical user interface that allows the editor with basic word processing knowledge to create content online with text, images and multimedia files. No HTML knowledge needed.
  • With CMS you can renew your website’s Design infinite times without damaging its content All your Content is stored in a database and can be reused in many places on your website  
  • CMS offer strong compatibility design. Your website can be formatted for any device (all web browsers, mobile devices, PDAs and notePads).
  • CMS offer extensibility. You can easily include modules and extensions like forums, polls, shopping applications, searching, ads, news management and provide connectivity with many social networks.
  • CMS are SEO ready and SEO friendly. That allows your site to rank higher in the search engines just by adding or updating your content.