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Christos Saliveros

Web surfers today have evolved to demand enhanced user experiences driven by the dominance of social tools like Facebook and Content Management tools like Blogs and shops. Visitors and Backend users are now able to communicate through digital 'personalized' content mixing all available technologies in a single platform.

I design and Build web content management systems for business almost 5 years now. 

"Getting things done"is where I increase focus... Creativity, Cost and Time are also consistent calculated values

Clients include: AstraZeneca * IMS * Cosmote * Germanos * DNB Bank * Thomas Cooper Law Firm* Thomas Miller Law Firm * Metaxopoulos Law Firm * Astron Maritime * ILS labatories * MEDMAR Ltd * Gulf Marine Spares INC

Studied Computer science in UK and provide technical information services ever since. Over the last 15 years I was involved in a range of public sector IT projects (ESYD, HellenicNavy, Proastiakos, Parliament, Protodikeio Peiraus).

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