“OD is a modular web design association established in Athens that mixes freelancers from different backgrounds & provides cost effective digital and print services. Here you can watch our portfolio meet with each one of us and find your way to get involved”
Founded in 2002 from MODE Team (former mode.gr), a web design association of skilled individuals dedicated in providing state-of-the-art design solutions tailored to client business premises. OD established a whole new model of cooperation and innovation by building a strong technological basis where art & design techniques are effectively combined. Intec Hosting Solutions is the key module of Modular Design Association providing a closer look inside all the technical environment that is used to host develop and support customer solutions, reliable and affordable.
Extending the established design criteria with modular innovation, OD managed to produce stunning piece of work with minimized cost and development time.

Do you still “Surf the web”? – [a message from the owner]

American programmer Mark McCahill was the First to use the phrase "surfing the Internet" at the late 80s using the gopher protocol even before the www existance

“Jumping from page to page on the Web” is the definition of “web surfing” at pcmag

but why? why is the term "surfing" related to internet browsing. I believe the answer is obvious, "because surfing is fun!".
Web surfers today have evolved to demand enhanced user experiences driven by the dominance of Google, social tools like Facebook and Instagram and Content Management tools like Blogs and shops. Visitors and Backend users are now able to communicate through digital ‘personalized’ content mixing all available technologies in one single platform, your website.
We design and Build web content management systems for business almost 15 years now.

“Getting things done” is where I increase focus…
Creativity, Cost and Time are consistent calculated values

Clients include: AstraZeneca * IMS * Cosmote * Germanos * DNB Bank * Thomas Cooper Law Firm* Thomas Miller Law Firm * Metaxopoulos Law Firm * Anna Roussos * Astron Maritime * ILS labatories * Dr Konstantinos Loukas * Grow More Green * Mikelina Hotel * RSMI * Omnigen * Polymusic * MEDMAR Ltd * Gulf Marine Spares INC
Involved in a range of public sector IT projects: ESYD * HellenicNavy * Proastiakos * Hellenic Parliament * Protodikeio Peiraus