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How to Choose a SEO-Friendly Domain Name for my New Website

For SEO the domain name is the first thing someone sees and it can affect his impression of your business.Therefore choose the name of your brand wisely.
How to create SEO friendly domain names?
The first step to build your website is to choose the right domain name.

What is a domain name?

domain name ( is a sequence of characters that identifies Internet resources such as computers, networks, and services. This text-based label corresponds to numerically addressed Internet resources. It is easier to memorize Domain names than the numerical addresses used in the Internet protocols. We say “.com” is the domain name extension.

When you register a domain name, you need to choose both the domain name and the extension. Domains are divided into broad categories based on extensions. All sorts of commercial websites use .com, the extension .gr is supposed to designate a website from Greece. The most used domain extensions are the “.com”. There are many popular domain extensions available that you can choose like “.gov”, “.net”, “.org”, “.edu”, “.info”, etc. Register your domain with the most popular extensions.

Should a domain name be short or long for SEO?

We strongly advice you to build a brand recognition using a short domain name. Try to keep your domain length between 6-14 characters. For example “” is exactly 10 characters long.

Avoid special Characters on your domain name

Avoid hyphens and numbers, avoid complex and repeated characters. For example is a bad domain name… is much better.

Should I use a Keyword domain name?

keyword domains names are those that contain keywords about your business, etc Therefor we advise to use Keywords on your domain that will help your business and your SEO as long as the brand of your business comes first as a priority. To demonstrate lets see some examples for keyword based domain names


Lets see some examples for brand related domain names


Here are some examples with both the brand and domain name keywords


So, how to Check if a domain is available?

use the below domain checker engine

check here GR Domain Names

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